Rancilio Silvia Pro/Pro X: Resetting the Steam Boiler Safety Switch

Is the steam boiler on your Silvia Pro/Pro X failing to heat? A tripped safety switch aka high-limit switch could be the culprit. Below are instructions for resetting the safety switch.

Tools Needed:
  • Phillips screwdriver

Note: Your machine should be unplugged and cooled to the touch before beginning.

1. Remove the top panel of your Silvia Pro or Pro X.

2. Locate the steam boiler safety switch. It can be found in the middle of the machine, to the left of the steam boiler, below the large silicone tube and copper steam delivery tube. There may be a screw-on cap covering the switch.


3. Use your finger or screwdriver to push down on the safety switch button. If the switch has been tripped you should hear an audible click.


4. Plug your machine in and test to see if the steam boiler begins to heat.