Rancilio Silvia Pro/Pro X: Steam Pump Removal

Use these instructions to remove the steam pump from your machine for inspection, service, or replacement.

Tools Needed:
- Fingies
- Philips head screwdriver
- 12mm crescent wrench
- 13mm crescent wrench
- Pitcher 
- Towel (for spills)
- Replacement pump (if needed)

1. Please start by draining your machine as best you can and then allow plenty of time for the boilers to completely cool before removing the panels . Remove the reservoir holder as well for more access by removing these 2 screws and unplugging these electrical leads.


2. Identify the steam pump.


3. Please make sure that the tubes are no longer submerged in the reservoir before pulling the silicone elbow off of the inlet side of the pump.


4. The other side utilizes a push connect, which acts as a sort of "finger trap", meaning the user needs to push the tube to the right with one hand, and then then press your other fingers against the white fitting to unlock it before pulling. 


5. Some water is going to come out, but if we have waited for the machine to cool, it should not be hot. Use your finger to block the flow of water and then use a small pitcher to catch the rest that flows out of the boiler. (The flow should slow and then even out like pictured below).


6. Now that the fittings are disconnected from the pump, you can rotate it to reveal these wires. Disconnect them, using a pick tool if necessary, to remove the glue holding the pink wire in place. 


7. You should now be able to lift the pump bracket cover off of the right side of the pump and then pull the left side out of the remaining pump bracket. 


8. The last step will be removing the adaptor piece from the old pump, using a 12mm wrench to hold the pump in place and a 13mm wrench to remove the adaptor. 


8. Install this piece onto the new pump and then follow these directions in reverse to complete the repair.