Brew Boiler Maintenance

Rancilio Silvia Pro/Pro X: Brew boiler Temperature Probe Cleaning

This article shows how to remove and clean the temperature probe of a Silvia Pro or Pro X. This can be helpful if your machine is inconsistently heating.

Tools Needed:
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 17mm wrench (or crow's foot and ratchet if needed)
  • Scouring pad or wire brush
  • Teflon tape (if needed)

Begin with your machine unplugged and fully cooled/depressurized.

1. Remove the top panel of your Silvia Pro or Pro X.

2. Locate the brew boiler temperature probe and disconnect the wiring harness.



3. Use the 17mm wrench to loosen and remove the temperature probe from the brew boiler. A crow's foot and ratchet may be needed if you are having difficulties getting enough leverage to break the fitting free.



4. Clean the temperature probe with a scouring pad or wire brush. The metal should be shiny as pictured below.


5. Reinstall and reconnect the temperature probe. If the temperature probe's rubber gasket was damaged or lost during removal wrap the probe's threads with Teflon tape to ensure that there are no leaks.