Repackaging Instructions

Repackaging the Bezzera Duo DE/MN

Here's how to repackage your Bezzera Duo DE/MN for transit, return, or repair:

The boilers must be drained before repackaging the machine.

1) Coil the power cord under the group head and bring the steam and hot water wands towards the center of the machine.


2) Place the cup warming tray on top of the machine and cover the machine with the bag.


3) With the cutout foam pieces at the bottom of the box, lower the machine into the box being sure to seat the feet into the foam block below.


4) Carefully place the flexible cardboard insert around the back and sides of the machine.


5) Place the accessories box on top of the machine, centered in the box.


6) Place extra foam and padding materials beneath the group head and around the accessories box so nothing can move from side to side. 


7) Tape up the box.