LUCCA A53 / Vivaldi: Steam Boiler Tripping GFI

Below are photo instructions of parts to troubleshoot if your La Spaziale LUCCA A53 or Vivaldi espresso machine steam boiler is tripping your gfi outlet or breaker when the machine attempts to heat the steam boiler.

There are photos different wires to detach from the steam boiler heating assembly to discern which part is failing. Before attempting this, allow the machine to fully cool off and unplug the machine. You will then need to remove the top panel.

Tools required:

  • Phillips screw driver

First remove the black wire from the the element leg, make sure the wire isn't touching anything, plug the machine in and turn the machine on. If the machine still doesn't trip once this wire is removed and the machine is attempting to heat the steam boiler then the issue is coming from a failed heating element. Once this has been tested be sure to turn the machine back off and unplug the machine before touching the element wire.

If the machine still trips the outlet when it tries to heat the steam boiler then remove the inlet wire to the safety switch. If the machine at this point doesn't trip the gfi or breaker then the issue is the wiring to the element or a failed safety switch.

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