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ECM Classika: Steam Wand Joystick Seal Gasket Inspection or Replacement

Is the steam wand leaking on your ECM Classika Espresso Machine? You might need to replace the gasket on the inside of the steam wand. Learn how in the article here!

If your ECM Classika begins to leak from the steam wand even when it is closed OR if you cannot get any steam out of the steam arm, you may need to replace the gasket on the inside of the steam wand. The steam arm gasket can fail if the machine is not refilled after steaming and is turned off. The high temperature and air space on the inside can cause a vacuum and suck the gasket out of place. Because this is considered user error by not refilling the boiler it is not covered under warranty.

Below you will find step by step instructions on how to remove the steam wand, and replace the gasket.

If you need to purchase the part, you can find it on the Clive website here: Joystick Seal Gasket.

NOTE: If your Classika steam arm does not match the arm in the video, skip to the end of this guide.

Tools Needed:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Useful but not needed - vice / vice grips

1. Remove the panels from your Classika. Inside you will see the inside piece of the steam valve, which is held on by a collar and attached to the copper pipe by a nut. Remove the nut first, and then the collar and the valve will be free.

ECM Classika: Steam Wand Gasket Replacement

2. Once you have the nut and the collar removed, the steam valve will come out of the front side of the machine in one piece.

ECM Classika: Steam Wand Gasket Replacement

3. Remove the rear piece of the valve, this is where a vice may come in handy.

(Old Style)

ECM Classika: Steam Wand Gasket Replacement

(New Style)

4. Once the pieces are separated, you may find the gasket not fully seated inside the brass fitting. Generally, we recommend replacing the entire brass piece, as the gaskets can be very difficult to get into the piece.
You will want to use a small amount of food-safe lubricant on the black gasket to prevent the inside of the valve from sticking to it.

ECM Classika: Steam Wand Gasket Replacement

5. Once all the previous steps are finished, follow the steps backward and put it all back together and you should be set to go with a new seal.

NOTE: If your Classika is equipped with the newer one-piece style ECM steam arm as shown below, follow these instructions instead.

NOTE: Newer Classikas come equipped with a Synchronika-style steam arm, follow those instructions instead.
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