ECM Synchronika: Brew Boiler Not Heating

If you are finding that the brew boiler on your ECM Synchronika won't heat up, these are the troubleshooting steps to figure out why it will not heat.

Tools Needed:

  • 2.5mm Allen Key
  • Multimeter with continuity test function

1. The Synchronika needs more time to reach full temperature. The ECM Synchronika takes around 20 minutes to fully heat, so ensure you've allowed enough time for the machine to reach its full temperature for the brew boiler.

2. The Synchronika's brew boiler temperature is set too low. On occasion, the temperature for the PID can be turned down and make it seem like the boiler is not heating. Check our article for PID recommended settings to ensure your "T1" setting is somewhere in the ballpark of 195-201.

V1 ECM Synchronika

2 Bar Pressure V2 ECM Synchronika

3. The PID is not on. If the PID on your ECM Synchronika is not on, make sure there is ample water in the reservoir if using the machine in reservoir mode. If the PID is not on, then the machine will not heat. 

To continue, you will need to remove the panels of the Synchronika: ECM Synchronika Panel Removal

4. The safety switches may be tripped. Inside the ECM Synchronika, on top of the brew boiler, there are 2 safety switches that can trip if the boiler gets too hot. They are easily re-settable by removing the panels and pressing the reset button in the center of them.

ECM Synchronika: Coffee Boiler Not Heating

5. The safety switch may be broken. If the safety switch is not tripped, it may be faulty and in need of replacement. Use a multimeter to test the continuity of the safety switches. If you get a reading of 1 or "OL" then the safety switch will likely need to be replaced.

ECM Synchronika: Coffee Boiler Not Heating

6. The element may be broken. You can test the continuity of the element in the brew boiler. If you get a reading of "1." or "OL" then the element will likely need to be replaced. 

ECM Synchronika: Coffee Boiler Not Heating