ECM Synchronika: Steam Boiler Not Heating

In this troubleshooting article for the ECM Synchronika, we will show you how to diagnose and fix the steam boiler when the steam boiler will not heat up.

Tools needed:

2.5mm allen key

Multimeter with continuity reading capability


1. The steam boiler switch is off. The first thing to look at if the steam boiler on your ECM Synchronika is not heating is the switch to power the boiler on. This is located directly behind the drip tray, on the right side, and the switch should have the "I" side depressed.

ECM Synchronika: Steam Boiler Won't Heat

2. The coffee boiler may not be fully heated. If the coffee boiler is not heated the ECM Synchronika will not heat the steam boiler, as it gives priority to the coffee boiler. When starting up the machine, make sure to give it 20-30 minutes to fully heat.

3. The temperature on the PID may have been adjusted by accident. Double-check your settings in your PID to make sure the "T2" temperature is set appropriately. We recommend between 255-265, depending on your preferred steam pressure. Verify which version of the PID you have and check along with the appropriate article below.

PID Settings Article

Updated 2 Bar Pressure PID Settings Article


To continue further, you will need to remove the panels of your machine.


4. The safety switches may have tripped. On the steam boiler, there are 2 safety switches that will trip if the steam boiler heats up too hot. This is a safety feature of the machine and can easily be remedied. To access these safety switches, follow along with our panel removal instructions for the ECM Synchronika and locate the switches right on the top of the steam boiler. Press the black button in the center of each to reset the switches.

ECM Synchronika: Steam Boiler Won't Heat

5. The element may be faulty. If the safety switch was not tripped, the issue may be in the element of the steam boiler itself. Using a multimeter, if you have one handy, you can check the continuity of the element. Accessing the element is done through the bottom of the unit, taking off the access panel, and finding the steam boiler easily available for servicing. When taking a reading of the element, put one probe on each leg of the element. A reading of "OL" or "1." indicates a broken element, which will need to be replaced. A reading of "0" or 18 indicates continuity, meaning the element is working.

ECM Synchronika: Steam Boiler Won't Heat