Lelit Bianca: Machine Not Turning On

If your Lelit Bianca is not turning on, follow along with this guide to help troubleshoot the issue.

When you press the power button, does the light around the button illuminate? If not, start by checking that the power cord is plugged into the back of the machine underneath the backpack.


If the machine is plugged in but there is no light around the power button, remove the top panel and inspect the safety switches. 

Safety switches:


To inspect the safety switches you can follow along with this article here. Make sure to inspect all 4 switches pointed out in the photo above. 

If the light around the power switch is illuminated, do you hear the pump when you turn the machine on?


If the water light comes on the PID, make sure the jack underneath the backpack is plugged in, the reservoir is full and sitting in the backpack correctly. 

If the pump is constantly running or is not filling on start up it could be a sign that the fill solenoid is stuck in the closed position. This article here shows you how to inspect the fill solenoid.

If the boilers are over filling or fails to fill, there could be debris on the fill probe. This article here shows you how to inspect the fill probe.  

If these article do not apply to your specific situation, please reach out to us for personalized support here.