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Lelit Bianca: Hot Water Delivery Plumbing Access

Use these instructions to access the hot water delivery plumbing on your Lelit Bianca to troubleshoot low-flow from the hot water tap or to clear obstructions. (Difficulty ☕☕☕)

Tools Needed:
- 17mm crescent wrench or adjustable wrench
- Pipe cleaning brushes
- Compressed air
- Shop towels

NOTE: Begin with the machine unplugged and cool to the touch.

1. Remove the panels from the machine.

2. Remove the hot water valve assembly.

3. Identify the two 17mm compression fittings at either end of the hot water delivery plumbing.

4. Place a shop towel or hand towel over electrical components to mitigate possible water spills.

5. Use a wrench to remove the compression fitting behind the hot water tap.

6. Tilt the machine forward, resting it on its front feet and the group head. Place a folded towel under the group head to prevent cosmetic damage. Note: it may be helpful to lay a large towel down to catch any spills.

7. Use a wrench to remove the compression fitting at the steam boiler.

8. Remove the hot water delivery tube from the machine. Use a pipe cleaning brush, a long implement, or compressed air to clear it of any debris or obstruction.

9. Be sure to check that the passages at the hot water tap and boiler outlet are clear of any debris or obstruction. Note: don't tilt the machine upright if the boiler is full of water.

10. Use these directions in reverse order to reassemble the hot water delivery plumbing. Make sure the compression fittings are securely seated and be careful not to over-tighten.