Maintenance and Repair

Profitec Pro 400: SSR Replacement

Follow these instructions to replace the SSR in your Pro 400.

Tools Needed:
- 3mm Allen wrench or hex driver
- 2.5mm Allen wrench or hex driver
- Small adjustable wrench

NOTE: The machine should be unplugged and cool to the touch before you begin.

1. Start by removing the panels from the machine.

2. Identify the SSR attached to the back of the reservoir tray.

3. Detach the reservoir tray from the base of the machine and swing it aside. This will give you room to work.

4. Take note of which wires go where, then disconnect the wires from the SSR. 
(You can refer to this photo later when installing the new SSR)

5. Use the 2.5mm Allen to remove the retaining screws holding the SSR to the back of the reservoir tray. Dismount the faulty SSR and discard it — don't get it confused with the new SSR!

You may need to hold the small retaining nuts on reverse side of the reservoir tray with the small adjustable wrench while you loosen the screws.

6. Install the new SSR by following these directions in reverse.