LUCCA A53: Machine Not Turning On

If your La Spaziale LUCCA A53 espresso machine is not turning on, please follow our guide to help troubleshoot the issue.

LUCCA light is the only thing that is on: (Pre 2021 Models)

If this is the case, then the ribbon cable on the inside of the control panel has likely come unplugged. You can follow along with our panel removal article which shows how to access the ribbon cable. The Ribbon cable powers the red LED's for the front panel. On newer A53's the LUCCA light is only illuminated when the machine is turned on by the power button.

A53 Front Panel Removal

LUCCA + Boiler light only:

If these two lights are the only thing on, chances are your machine was filling the boiler for too long and timed out. Unplug your machine for 5 seconds, plug it back in, and allow it to fill. If it happens multiple times, you may need to clean the fill solenoid. You can disable this alarm code by turning the steam boiler off (tap the boiler button), but you will not be able to steam or produce hot water from the tap.

No lights on at all:

Ensure the GFI outlet is not tripped, if the machine is plugged into one. Verify the condition of your fuse housing as it may have been damaged. If the fusing housing is not damaged, then replace the fuse. To make this more efficient it may be easier to replace the housing and fuse at the same time by following the first article.

The machine is tripping GFCI:

Check out our GFCI Troubleshooting guide.