General Maintenance

ECM/Profitec: Water Tank Connector

Below are photo instructions for installing a new water tank connector on ECM and Profitec espresso machines.

Before doing this you will need to remove the panels from your machine so you have access into the back of the machine:


If you need a new connector, you can find them here on the website: Profitec Water Tank Connector

Once you have removed your panels you can follow these instructions:

1. Unscrew the retaining nut from the connector and set aside; it should be just finger tight.

2. Pull the connector down and out of the reservoir tray.

3. Carefully disconnect the flexible tubing attached to the connector's barbed fittings.
NOTE: some machines feature two tubes here, others use a single tube and block-off cap, make sure to transfer the block-off cap to the new connector.

4. To install the new connector, repeat the previous steps in reverse.
Pro 300: How to install Water Tank Connector
(It may be easier to attach the tubes to the connector before installing the connector in the reservoir tray.)

Pro 300: How to install Water Tank Connector